Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Menu

Summer vacation is here.  It has thrown me for a loop.  In reality, this is the first time I have really experienced having all 3 kids ALL the time!  The older two littles were in school when Miss H was born three months ago, and even though they didn't go every day, I had 2 days a week where it was just H & I.  Those were the days I dedicated to organizing the house & running errands like the dreaded grocery shopping.  This past week has me shaking my head in wonder.


I love all my kids dearly, but they are very needy individuals.  Granted, the older two can entertain themselves for long periods of time, but there are the "help me mommy" moments, the "I'm thirsty" moments, the "she hit me or he took my toy" break up the fight moments...etc.  It makes it impossible for me to focus on a task for any amount of time.

Needless to say, there is nothing in the fridge for dinner tonight.  But, I am not grocery shopping today.  This morning was out- I didn't shower till 10:30 because the baby was cranky.  By the time I was ready, it was lunch time.  Right after lunch, the older two take a nap.  I don't skip naps...If my kids skip nap, the devil takes over their little souls & turns them into the whiniest, most dramatic kids on the face of this earth.  Don't believe me??  Feel free to borrow them for a day & don't give them a nap.  Do it.  You'll understand.

Anyways, I feel somewhat accomplished today (after a mini breakdown to my husband in which I may have told him supper was not happening today).  I got diapers washed.  They are hanging on the line in the glorious sunshine that we actually have today.  Of course that sunshine is partnered with 125 mph winds...I'm praying the clothesline doesn't decide to take flight and head to Wyoming.

I also made out my June menu.  I usually only plan one week at a time, but I decided I was going to write out the whole month & then when grocery shopping time came, I would just have to look at the calendar & go from there.  Genius, right??  So, I thought I would share with you what I came up with for my June menu.
Forgive me, I don't know how to make a calendar to put in here...

  1. Turkey Meatballs with peanut sauce, rice, edamame
  2. Tacos
  3. Grilled chicken legs, roasted potatoes, corn
  4. Coffee rubbed flank steak with a chimichurri sauce, sweet potato fries
  5. Popcorn night!
  6. Fish sandwiches, waffle fries, salad
  7. Breakfast casserole, fresh fruit
  8. Turkey strombolis, roasted veggies
  9. Beef & Broccoli, rice, egg rolls
  10. Chicken spaghetti, garlic bread, green beans
  11. Pork chops, Crash potatoes, salad
  12. Popcorn night!
  13. Asparagus primavera over couscous
  14. Spicy pork roast with coleslaw and corn tortillas
  15. Pizza muffins, salad
  16. Cheese burgers on the grill, Mac & cheese, raw veggies
  17. Smothered chicken breasts, hash browns, broccoli
  18. Meatloaf, stuffing, corn
  19. Popcorn night!
  20. Honey glazed salmon, lemon creme pasta, spinach salad
  21. Pork tenderloin sandwiches, fresh fruit, french fries
  22. Beer chicken in the crock pot, rice, corn
  23. Sour cream noodle bake, green beans
  24. BBQ chicken legs, cheesy potatoes, roasted carrots
  25. Grilled individual pizzas
  26. Popcorn night!
  27. Pasta with bacon & leeks, spinach salad
  28. BLTs, pasta salad, steamed asparagus
  29. Thai turkey lettuce wraps
  30. Steak & egg bistro salad
That's it!  We actually are planning a mini vacation, so not all of these meals will actually happen, but if something comes up & we don't go- I still have meals planned.  And yes, as you can tell we are a meat and potatoes family.  Sundays are popcorn night- its a family tradition from my side going back a couple of generations.  Mondays are always meatless or fish.  I try to have a variety of protein the rest of the week.  The hubby likes his beef & pork.  :)   

Well that is the menu for the month!  I linked some of the recipes & if there is another that you would like a recipe for, just let me know.  Most of these I make from memory, but I can type out the recipe if you would like it.  

I must go.  O woke up from nap & is having an "I'm thirsty" moment.


  1. I am impressed with this menu! I try to meal plan. It never works. We will get home and be like.."Let's just go out!" haha. We cook maybe three times a week and the others we will go out or just "fend". That is what we call it. Everyone just fends for themselves. We of course feed Lucy though. :)

    I think considering that you have three children and still have a meal plan like that (with lots of good and detailed foods), you are doing great!

  2. Wow. A month at a time! I am lucky to plan a week at a time! lol Thanks so much for sharing this at Us and Them! Chris

  3. Hey, your lovely gift from me is in the mail. Yay!!! The post office said you should get it Friday. I am super excited for you to get it. Wow, line drying. You are like super woman. I just did my June menu and doing my search for coupons. I hope you and the kids have fun. My 4 are pretty spread out so it makes it easier. My 17 and 13 yr old boys are just as happy to do their own thing(sad though for me :( but my 2 girls are 11 and 7, so I am loving having them home. We go fishing in the mornings, Library time, craft time, pool time. So fun!!! But nothing like a 3 month old baby with other kids to entertain. Wow, bless you and may the Lord keep you. Leave me some comments, now and then so i know you are ok, dealing with summer, haha!!!

    Hugs, Dee