Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just so you know...

Finishing a basement is a major pain!!!  Amen.
The husband & my dad doing the framing last week
The framing is done.  Today, the plumbers are here...they were using a jack hammer to break up concrete & set off the fire alarms- causing the dog to run around like a maniac barking her head off & the baby to scream very loudly for a good 5 min.  So much for my peaceful, uneventful Thursday!

Truth be told, I'll be glad when its done.  N will have her own room, I will *cue hallelujah chorus* finally have a craft room, and we will have a family room once again, allowing the upstairs room to be more of a formal space.  Plus there will also be a second bathroom put in, a whole lot of storage, and a play area for the littles.  I will love it when its all said and done, the process is just a major pain in the patootey.  I will update with photos later...the plumbers are doing their thing down there & I wouldn't want to disturb them.  (Or maybe its that they reek of cigarette smoke & I can't stand the smell)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yep.  I suffer from C.H.A.O.S.  It's a debilitating really is.  What is it you ask??
Cant. Have. Anyone. Over. Syndrome.
Anyone else familiar with this??  Its when your house it at the point where if the doorbell rang, you would quickly shuffle all the kids to the back room of the house, turn the TV to mute, and hope the person just goes away, lest you have to open the door and let them see the mess. OR, its the "If I absolutely must open the door & talk to this person, I'm going to step outside on the porch & talk to them outside- EVEN if it is pouring rain or 20 below zero- because they AREN'T coming in my disaster zone!"  (I may or may not be speaking from experience on both of those...*blush*)

C.H.A.O.S. has many types or levels of seriousness. It may be a messy disaster of a kitchen.  It could be that you haven't vacuumed in days.  It may be that your laundry pile is overflowing & could take over the entire house.  It may be dog hair on the couch. Crumbs on the counter top.  Dust so thick, it may just be permanent... A bathroom that indicates yes, indeed, males live here...For some people, just an unmade bed would send them into C.H.A.O.S.

Yep, I have C.H.A.O.S.

Sure, some would say I have an excuse.  After all, I have a newborn, a 5 year old, and a 3 year old.  Plus a dog and a husband (yes, they make messes, too!).  But I don't consider those excuses.  My job is a stay at home mom.  Part of my job description is to keep the house clean.  My version of clean isn't having everything spotless and germ free.  However, it does mean that I wouldn't want to crawl in a hole and die of embarrassment if anyone ever came over.  It means that my house has the appearance of being lived in, but tidy.  Sure there may be a few toys on the floor and a shelf that isn't always dusted, but I would hope that my home always feels inviting.  I don't try to be perfect.  I don't even try to appear perfect, because I know that its not possible & I wouldn't be able to keep up that facade.

So now that I have admitted my syndrome, I need to treat it.  Immediately.

The treatment??  Crank up the Music, get out the vacuum, start the washing machine, rinse the dishes & do whatever it takes to rid yourself of C.H.A.O.S!

 PS- If I am not heard from in awhile, send the authorities.  The laundry pile is menacing & may put up a fight...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dust or Sparkles?

Well...apparently blogging takes time!  Not that I haven't had a moment- I have.  I even have thought about getting on here to blog.  Ive thought about topics to write about, moments to share,  funny things that the kids have said, and even a few things to gripe about.  But, something else always seemed to take priority.  Funny how that happens.  It makes me wonder how many times I have thought, "Man, I really should sit down with my Bible and have some time with God." and then chose to do something else instead. Probably way more than I ever should.  That is the life a lot of us live.  We try to prioritize, but something else always pops up.  Who is guilty of this??  *Raises hand wildly*  This mommy!  Our church just started a series this past Sunday & I honestly felt as if Pastor J was talking directly to ME!!!  Out of control??  No time??  Chaos??  Has he been spying on me lately??  It hit home.  It made me think of all the moments I have taken for granted.

I went back to a moment a week ago that I could have taken for granted.  I didn't and now it may just be one of my favorite moments with my 2 creative older kiddos.  I had opened up the blinds to let in the bright sunshine the other morning & then went back to my bedroom to change the baby & tidy up a bit.  When I returned to the living room, O & N were twirling and dancing in the sunbeam.  I asked them what they were doing and N replied that they were "dancing in the sparkles because it was magical!"  Sure enough, there was dust floating in the air and it "sparkled" in the sunlight.  I watched them with awe for a few moments, just relishing in their childhood innocence.  For that moment I forgot about the fact that it was dust in the air that would need to be cleaned later, I forgot about the dishes in the sink that needed to be loaded in the dishwasher, I forgot about diapers that needed washing, I forgot about the grocery list that needed to be written out, I forgot about the tasks of life & focused on that moment.  And then, I joined in the twirling.  

**Update:  The link above will take you to the sermon.  Enjoy! I did.