My family.

My Brood:

Daughter #1 is 5 years of age, extremely curly haired, super smart, stubborn, bossy, loving, clutzy, artistic, creative, and sensitive. I refer to her as N on this blog. :) She is currently in kindergarten & reading very well for her age! She enjoys playing soccer, dance lessons, anything princess related, tormenting her brother, and school.

My Son is 4 years of age. He is my blonde haired, blue eyed spitting image of his daddy. He is crazy funny, stubborn, LOUD, imaginative, smart, sensitive, protective, snuggly, and momma's boy. He has the soul of a 60 year old man & loves sweater vests and button down shirts. He finds potty humor hilarious & enjoys dinosaurs, construction equipment, Toy Story, Cars, and coloring. He is in pre kindergarten & learning so much! I refer to him as O or Bubba.

Daughter #2 is the newest addition to the family. She was born this past February. She is growing fast & is cruising on the furniture- won't be long until she is walking! She enjoys dancing, waving, blowing raspberries, eating, sleeping, and pooping. I refer to her as H.

The Husband has held his position as husband for 9+ years. He works hard to allow me to stay home with the littles. He is a MHRM for a large retail company & travels quite a bit for his job. The husband enjoys physical activities like softball and hiking with the family. He also enjoys cheering on the Huskers and grilling. He is my go to guy for the big projects around the house that need height, muscle, or power tools I'm afraid to use. He also works on the tech team at our church as a producer.

The mutt is a 3 year old Shih Tzu that we have had since she was a tiny fur ball. She enjoys going for walks, but most of the time just likes to lay on the arm of the couch or in her dog bed & be lazy. She tolerates the littles very well & usually gets really excited when her squeaky toys are being tossed around. She is named after one of the greatest football coaches of all time- Bob Devaney. (Yes we are devote Husker fans- GO BIG RED!)