Thursday, May 12, 2011

The chore I detest the most.

You would think it would be scrubbing the bathroom.  Laundry perhaps?  Nope- the husband does the majority of the laundry. (be jealous, its okay)  Dusting?  Vacuuming??  Picking up the kid's rooms?  Nope. Nope. Nope.

My least favorite, most hated, detestable chore shopping.
This guy looks way too jolly to be grocery shopping.

I can't explain why I don't like it.  It may be that it takes me forever to plan out a menu.  I have kids.  Picky kids.  Not as picky as some kids, but they only like certain foods.  I can only tolerate sloppy joes, tacos, pizza, spaghetti, and Cheez-it chicken so many times.  So, I try to find new, kid friendly recipes.  Something to give the husband and I a little variety.  Husband & I like to try new things.  Earlier in our marriage, I loved to try new recipes.  Some worked, some failed miserably.  But we had the option of trying.  Now- I have 2 other additional people to please (baby 3 still gets the boob).   Man, are they demanding.

I am not, however, a short order cook.  They get what we get & if they don't eat it- too bad.  They won't starve between dinner and breakfast.  I'm not going to be the mom who gives in.  Even if they won't eat my more exotic meals, they will at least try them.  They must take at least 2 bites before saying they are done.  Yes, there have been some gags (specifically from N).  There also have been times where they THOUGHT they wouldn't like a certain food & ended up really liking it!

So here is my routine.  I sit down- sometimes with the computer, sometimes with a food magazine.  I plan my menu & then I create my list- broken down in these categories:  Dry, Meat, Dairy, Produce, Frozen, & Other. I find when I break down my list like this, I have less of a chance to overlook items.  I know exactly what I need when I'm standing in the various sections of the store.   I also try as much as possible to stick to my list.  Sure there are items I forget I need & add them to the cart when I run across it.  No biggie.

I try to grocery shop on Tues or Thursdays since those are the days where both of the older kids are in school.  1 kid (baby, strapped in car seat or Moby wrap)  = somewhat enjoyable, though still detested shopping experience.  3 kids (baby + 2 that do okay, but have a tendency to touch EVERYTHING) = mommy needing a nap [or a xanax...]

 So, how do you do your grocery shopping?  Do you plan out meals before hand, or just wing it?  Do you even make a list?  Are you an every day shopper?? (AKA- Craaaaaazy!!!!!)  I'm wondering if everyone else despises grocery shopping as much as I do.  Because really, I would scrub your toilet if you went shopping for me.  Or send my hubby to do your laundry.....maybe I better check with him first before offering that service.

For your curiosity:  Here is what is planned for this week's menu.

Thurs- Turkey meatballs with peanut sauce, rice, roasted brussel sprouts (the hubby said he would try them.  It will be an experiment)

Fri- pork tenderloin sandwiches, waffle fries, carrot sticks

Sat- Beef & asparagus negimaki over noodles (a Rachael Ray recipe- I got the magazine subscription as a gift from my mom & dad)

Sun- Usual popcorn night.  Family tradition.

Mon- Super Nachos (husband will be out of town, so this is my kid friendly, super easy meal)

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  1. I found your blog through the Daily Epidural :)

    First, so jealous that your husband helps out..LOL...As for grocery shopping. I hate it too! Especially when I have to bring the kids with me. I make a list of things we've run out of that we need to get, but as for menu/meal planning I don't do that. I tried it and we wound up not sticking to it for whatever reasons. I have 3 kids. 13yroldboy will eat almost anything and he's good about trying new things. 10yearoldboy is somewhat picky, but not too bad. 8yearoldgirl...OMG. I dread meal times purely because of her. She will NOT eat any veggies, she will NOT eat potatoes in any form, she will NOT eat rice of any kind. There are very few fruits she will eat. She used to drink milk to the point where she could finish a gallon herself in a matter of 3 days or so. Now I have to fight with her to drink it. So we pretty much wing it most nights. I try to plan the night before in case I need to defrost something of course.

    So anyway, I'm Amy Lee. Nice to "meet" you :)