Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the WHA???

I am not having a good day.  It started okay- alarm went off at 5:10 am.  Got up to go to the gym.  Renewed gym membership.  Went down hall to Spinning room.  Had an INTENSE workout.  Sweat dripping off tip of nose intense.  All good and dandy.

Returned home at 6:35 am.  Joined the husband back in bed.  Played some words with friends.  Kind of drifted off.  Kissed husband goodbye as he left for work.  Fell back into a DEEP sleep.  Here is where it gets interesting.

Woke up at 8:45 to the two oldest littles poking me & saying they want breakfast.  Me= doing all sorts of facial contortions to try to see as my contacts had glued themselves to my eyeballs.  "huh? "What time is it??"  I grab my phone.  See that its 8:45.  Crap.  Late start (On Fridays I let the littles sleep in as long as they want & I usually am up having coffee & some quiet time before the chaos begins.) Let the dog out <--remember this for later.  Get the kids breakfast.  Use some eye drops.  More facial contortions, followed by poking myself in the eye to dislodge left contact which has now moved into my brain cavity.  Give in.  Remove offending contacts (the left one needed rinsing as I'm pretty sure there was some gray matter on it) & put on glasses.  Let dog back in.

Baby wakes & begins crying.  Change baby, feed baby.  Baby won't stop crying.  Baby lets out HUGE fart.  Stops crying for a bit.  bit= 5.198367 seconds.  Commences crying.

Tune out baby, or try to.  She is #3 & screams at a decibel that makes dogs howl.  It ensures that she is not overlooked.  Survival of the fittest or something like that.  Try to quickly clean up kitchen.  Open cabinet to put away plates.  Rooster cookie jar that I use for decoration purposes above my cupboards comes flying down at my head.  Brushes my ear. Shatters on counter top.  Yay me.  Sigh, clean up the little shards of ceramic and piece the head back together.

Baby still screaming.  I vow to never eat brussel sprouts again.  Or at least until she is off the boob.  Take two tylenol.  Drink a cup of coffee.  Have a moment of peace.  Feed baby. O then announces that the dog had pooped in the mud room.  AFTER she had been let outside.  Apparently the wet grass is too gross for her to do her business outside & she has found the need to Crap on my floor 3 of the past 4 days.  I clean up the poop mess, gagging the whole time.  Grab the stupid mutt & put her outside AGAIN.  She will be outside all day.  She is not in my good graces.

Break up fight between O & N over a puzzle piece.  Really?  Have 2nd cup of coffee.  Check facebook.  Blogger is still being a pain & won't load properly.  Kids say they are hungry.  Really??  Already??  What time is it?  Crud.  Its 12:30.  Make lunch.  Feed kids.  Baby starts fussing again.  Change her, feed her.  Still crying.  Administer Gripe Water to help her tummy again.  Curse myself for trying something new for supper.  Get kids cleaned up from lunch, send them to their rooms for nap time.  Finally get baby to sleep.  Go to bedroom & get clothes laid out for after my shower (yes it was 1 and I hadn't showered yet.  Don't judge.)  Grab robe & towel.  Head to bathroom to find N looking over the toilet saying " I dropped a deuce & it won't flush".  Grab plunger, dislodge turd.  Flush turd successfully.  Send N back to her room for nap.  Take quick shower while all 3 are sleeping.  Get dressed.  Collapse on couch.  It is only 2.  I'm ready for bed.

Baby is fussing again.  Guess the day isn't over yet.  I am done with Friday.  TGI WHAT??  Nope.  I want to skip today.  Fast forward.  Please let it be Saturday.  please?? pretty please with a cherry on top??????


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