Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Double the space...eventually

I mentioned in my last post about our basement.  When we moved into this house, the basement was unfinished & we just used it for storage.  Moving from a 4 bedroom house with 2 living room areas into a smaller 3 bedroom house means we had a lot of "stuff" to store.  

Anyways, we have an awesome landlord who is allowing us to finish the basement.  We did the framing & she provided the materials.  We will also do the drywalling & the finishing work when it gets to that point.  

When the basement gets finished, we will essentially have double the space we have now.  N, being the oldest, will have her own room in the basement, I will have a craft room/exercise room (YAY!!), there will be a second bathroom(double YAY!) and another large living room space.  Not to mention, storage!!  Did I mention, we have a lot of "stuff".  

I thought I would share photos of the process.  So far this is what has been done:

1. Move some of the "stuff" to the garage

2. Cram the rest of the "stuff" in a corner

3. Framing all the walls/closets- My awesome husband & wonderful Dad whipped this task out in two and a half days.  Me?  I listened to the racket upstairs with my Mom! :)  Did you know that you use bullets to fire the nails through the studs into the concrete?  Me either.  One of the days they were working, I found a bullet on my kitchen counter.  I asked the husband where it came from (We are not gun owners).  He casually told me that my 3 year old must have brought it upstairs.  WHAAA???  Then he told me what it was from & how it was used- insert bullet in tubey looking thingy.  Put nail in tubey looking thingy.  Line up tubey looking thingy & whack it on the top- making bullet hit nail & drive it into the concrete floor (and also make a loud BANG!) Hmm.  Interesting.  

4.  The plumbers have been here & used a jack hammer to create a drain for the bathtub.  In this process, they set off the fire alarms.  The dog went nuts & started running laps around the house, barking her head off- waking up the baby who started to scream her head off.  Me = none to thrilled.   Oh, the plumbers also installed said shower/tub & roughed in the plumbing for the toilet & sink.  They also made a mess of my newly mopped kitchen floor....undoing my C.H.A.O.S. reversal I had done earlier this week.  Repeat: Me = none to thrilled.  

So that is where we are so far.  The electricians should be here sometime next week to put in outlets, another fire alarm, and light fixture boxes.  Then the drywalling begins.  I admit.  It is going much faster than I thought it would.  I know I will love it when its finished & can unpack some of the "stuff".  Plus once its done & N is moved into her own room, I can do the nursery!  I'm excited about it & have a vision....I'll share it with you another time :)  Ok, now for the photos!
 Future Family Room
 Future built in book shelf
 MY future craft room with HUGE closet for storage!
 N's future bedroom
 Roughed in bathroom
 Utility room that will eventually have shelves for storage
 "stuff" in the corner- this will be the desk area
The rest of the "stuff" in the garage

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  1. Isn't it fun how "stuff" just starts getting stacked everywhere?! I feel your pain/excitement! :) I look forward to seeing the finshed product!

    Cori @ www.ILoveLucyJean.com