Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just so you know...

Finishing a basement is a major pain!!!  Amen.
The husband & my dad doing the framing last week
The framing is done.  Today, the plumbers are here...they were using a jack hammer to break up concrete & set off the fire alarms- causing the dog to run around like a maniac barking her head off & the baby to scream very loudly for a good 5 min.  So much for my peaceful, uneventful Thursday!

Truth be told, I'll be glad when its done.  N will have her own room, I will *cue hallelujah chorus* finally have a craft room, and we will have a family room once again, allowing the upstairs room to be more of a formal space.  Plus there will also be a second bathroom put in, a whole lot of storage, and a play area for the littles.  I will love it when its all said and done, the process is just a major pain in the patootey.  I will update with photos later...the plumbers are doing their thing down there & I wouldn't want to disturb them.  (Or maybe its that they reek of cigarette smoke & I can't stand the smell)

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