Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today I am 33 & I couldn't be happier.

What?  I am happy about being older??  Yes, and I have a very good reason.  A while back while surfing Pinterest, I came across this blog.  The author spent her 38th birthday doing random acts of kindness (RAOK) for 38 people.  It inspired me.

Today, being my day, I posted this challenge on facebook:

Today is my birthday. I challenge you to do one random act of kindness for one person, or more if you would like. Pay for someones coffee, gas, meal, etc. Help someone to the car with their groceries, scrape someone's windows in the morning. Make someone's day. I know my day will be made with all the facebook messages I will get & I want to spread the joy. Welcome age 33!  I have many goals this year, but I am starting out with this one! Have fun & message me what you did!! I want to hear about it. ♥

I have been overwhelmed with what my friends have done.  Here are some examples:

Nikki :  Paid for a cup of coffee & some doughnuts for a guy in the gas station.  She also went a HUGE step further & sent a package for her boss on her own dime, returning his money to him.  He wanted to continue the RAOK & suggested she send the money to the food pantry.  Instead it went to a family in need to provide Christmas presents & was matched several times over.  N also took on some extra work so a co-worker could leave early.  Yay!!  Her husband also helped out a person at his job by providing a lady a way to purchase gifts for her family.  Awesome job, Brian! UPDATE:  Nikki & Brian's good deeds came back to them in a big way.  They were blessed with an unexpected gift that made them so grateful this holiday season. God is good!

Gifts purchased by Nikki & co.  
(extra work done by Nikki!)

Jodi- felt the urge & made someone's day as well (she didn't give me the specifics, but I know it was amazing!) UPDATE:  She messaged me & told me her story.  It WAS amazing!!!!  Have a wonderful Christmas, Jodi.  I know that person you bestowed with kindness will.  :)

Becky- left some uplifting notes in fellow teacher's boxes.  We all know teachers are overworked & under appreciated. Becky also purchased a gift card at a gas station & then turned around & handed it back to the clerk.  I wish I could have seen that reaction!   Way to go, Becky!  I also heard Becky salted her neighbors driveway!

Stacie- paid for a meal for the guy behind her at the drive-thru.  She said it made her feel so good.  Woo hoo!!  Great one!

Lynn- a simple smile at an elderly lady at the grocery store.  She also has more in store.  Yay Lynn!! UPDATE:  Lynn bought a coffee for a co-worker who was a little frazzled & didn't have time to stop for her own today.  So sweet!

Matt- (husband of a facebook friend)  Helped out a guy at the gas station who had forgotten his wallet.  $5 may not seem like much, but I bet it made both Matt & the receiver feel great!

Steph-  left cookies & a card in the mailbox for the mailman.  She also just sent me a message saying she was going to give blood today as well.  Way to save a life & do an act of kindness, Steph!  You rock!  Update:  Steph had a friend Robin who purchased Christmas gifts for some children who lost their mom suddenly, not long ago.  (its contagious!!!)  ANOTHER UPDATE:  Steph also helped her sister clean her step-mom's house.  :)

Brenda- bought a soda for a gentleman this morning.  Even the simple things can make you feel wonderful!

Gina- baked some yummy treats for her mail carrier & son's school bus driver!  Gina is also an awesome prayer warrior & decided she was going to challenge herself to pray for more people daily.  She also picked up some kids & got them to school on time because the school bus had broken down.  Great job, Gina!

Tara-  Tara is a teacher & purchased some coffee for the janitor & cook at her school (also very under appreciated, often over looked people), complimented several teachers, and purchased 2 extra lottery tickets for the people behind her at the gas station.  Way to go, Tara!!

Cari-  Cari paid with a $5 at the toll booth for herself & the next 4 cars behind her.  Great idea, Cari!

Craig(AKA the father in law)- Went to the barber shop for a hair cut & told his barber he would like to pay for the haircut of a young man in the shop as well.  Way to go, Papa Craig!!

Haley-  Purchased a gift card & carried it around for awhile before finding the perfect recipient.  She visited with a kind lady at the grocery store while bagging groceries & noticed she had just the essentials.  While the lady was putting her cart away after unloading her groceries into her car, Haley slipped the gift card & a note onto her windshield where she would see it when she returned.  Such a sweet gesture, Haley- Amazing!

Deb-  Deb is a sweet lady that goes to our church.  She runs an at home daycare & has a family that was struggling to make ends meet.  While purchasing groceries, Deb walked by the diapers & thought about this special family.  She purchased the diapers & presented them to the very grateful young mother this morning.  Thanks, Deb for being an amazing support for this family!  Awesome job!

Alesa- Alesa helped an older lady with some heavy items (cat food & litter).  The lady couldn't find her son when it was time to check out, so Alesa lifted the items out for her.  Good job Alesa!  I am sure the sweet lady was thankful for you at that moment.  :)

Deb- Another friend named Deb simply sat with her father while he received his IV iron therapy.  I am sure your father appreciated you taking the time to sit and visit with him, Deb.  Family time is the best time.  Cherish those moments!

Catherine-  Catherine & her boyfriend stopped to help a fellow motorist out of a snowy ditch.  Turns out the lady had been sitting for 30 minutes with several people driving right by.  Great job helping her out!

Katie- (AKA my sister)  Baked cookies (my grandmothers awesome spice cookies to be exact- yum!) and took them to several neighbors & her husband's boss, who has been bed ridden.  Katie, who is a nurse, also has been helping out this gentleman by doing dressing changes for his wound when the home health nurses can't make it to him.  She also gave a nice tip to the mechanic that did her oil change.  Way to spread the Christmas spirit, sis!

Kristi- (AKA mom-in law) Scooped her neighbors driveway, and took her to work this morning.  She also paid for someone's breakfast at McDonalds.  Thanks for your generosity, Kristi!

As for my random acts:  Well, my first idea failed.  I intended to buy the crossing guard at my daughter's school a hot cup of cocoa.  He stands out there all day in the cold, helping the little ones stay safe & I often wonder if he ever gets thanked.  But, I unintentionally left the house without my purse or wallet, so I couldn't do it.  Boo.  I WILL be doing this one soon though.  The kids are out for break now, but when that cold January weather comes, Mr. Crossing Guard ( I really should learn his name) will have a warm cup of cocoa!!

My second one was to leave a jar of homemade jam and a thank you card for our mail carrier.  Thanks, Ms. Mail carrier...sorry I complained about the postal service the other day...

#3 for me- I scooped our neighbors driveway.  Of course it hasn't stopped snowing, so you can't even tell, but I did it & plan to go out again later.  Update:  done again- by hand.  The snow is too wet & heavy & just clogs the snow blower!  Good deed & a good workout!

#4 & by far my favorite of the day-  I stopped at the gas station to get some much needed juice for my truck ( my gas light was on)  Instead of filling up completely, I opted to only get half a tank.  I went inside & paid and then asked the attendant if the elderly gentleman at pump #2 had used a card or if he was paying inside.  She said he would be paying inside.  I told her then that I would like to pay for his gas.  She teared up, and I told her "Today is my birthday & instead of getting gifts, I would like to gift others.  This is my gift to him- can you tell him that?"  I also left an invitation to our church's Christmas Eve service to give to him.  By then the tears were coming down her face.  I paid for the man's gas, and walked out.  As I passed the man walking in, I simply said "Merry Christmas, Sir" (he responded "Merry Christmas pretty lady" which right there made my day!), walked to my truck & drove off.  I wish I could have seen his face once he got inside, but I knew I would cry if I stayed.  I smiled the entire way home.

I will be adding to this blog post throughout the day.  I hope you all have a very merry Christmas & remember it isn't about the gifts.  It is about that baby who changed the world for nothing in return.  So go out & do those RAOKs.  I promise you will feel amazing, blessed, and so proud.

So, now you understand why I am happy about aging.  I truly have been given the best gifts today.  Thanks so much you awesome friends!!  I am lucky to have you!!

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  1. i love, love, love this idea! i am so doing it next year for my birthday! or, sooner. :)