Friday, December 9, 2011

Pinspiration Challenge

Okay, I admit it.  I am totally addicted to Pinterest.  While I pin, I always think "will I ever do any of these projects?  Well, the answer is yes.  It just takes me awhile.  Kind of like blog posts obviously take me awhile.  I am going to try to be better about it though!  Really, I am.  ( I know I have said this umpteen times before...)

Anyways, one project I found on Pinterest was this:

How easy is that?  All it is is an old ladder hung on the wall with some L brackets & decorated with a few knick knacks!  I knew exactly where I could get an old ladder too.  I just had to wait until I went home.  

Fast Forward to Thanksgiving:  Here is the conversation:

Me:  "Hey Dad, do you have an old wooden ladder that you don't use any more?"

Dad:  "Why?  What do you want it for?"

Me:  "Just a decorating idea- Can you chop it down to around 5 feet?"

Dad:  "Okay, whatever. (I could see he was slightly confused as to what I was doing)"

Dad went to his shed & found his old wooden ladder, had me decide what section I wanted- I opted for the middle section that had some rusty metal hardware, but no broken rungs.  It was covered in bird poop though...Nothing a little scrubbing couldn't fix.  

After getting it back to South Dakota, I put the husband to work in mounting my ladder on the wall.  I loved it, even without decorations on it!  It was perfect!  Obviously now its Christmas time, so I decorated it with Christmas knick knacks.  :)  Duh.  Here is the final result:  

I love it!  It works perfectly with the wall decal I had up.  This spot had been intended for a nice framed family photo we had done 2 summers ago.  But since we had those awesome pictures taken, we have added little miss H & I didn't feel right paying big moolah to have a canvas print made of just the 4 of us when we have a new precious little one (she's nearly 10 months now, can you believe it?!).  So the ladder is perfect.  I took some great fall photos of all 3 littles & I plan on framing those & putting them on the shelf after Christmas is over.  So, what Pinterest projects have you completed??  


  1. i love this! what a great idea!

  2. I love this! I have actually used a couple of the recipes I have pinned. The cinnamon roll pie crust was awesome and the cornucopias of fruit were adorable!

    Love your ladder!