Monday, August 1, 2011

Where has summer gone? { August Menu}

Well, today is officially August 1.  My oldest starts school this month, and one can say summer is ending.  Where has it gone??  Better question- where are my blog posts that show what we did this summer??  I promise they are coming & I promise I will be better at this blogging thing once we get back into the school routine & I have a little more breathing time.  Some of what you have to look forward to:

  • Our experiences in geocaching
  • Our mini vacation in the Black Hills
  • the completed nursery! (it's almost done!)
  • Roll top desk makeover
  • some recipes-
  • Craftiness.  Yep.  I was crafting even without a stinkin craft room...
  • Basement progress...oh wait...there is none.  
Meanwhile- here is our August menu.  I realize I skipped July.  July was one big chaotic mess of a month & half the time I didn't know if I was coming or going.  So, therefore, no menu.  But, I'm back on top of things this month (even made it to the gym today- yeah me!) so here it is!

August Menu
1.  Crock pot Pizza & Salad
2. Chicken Cordon Bleu with corn & roasted baby potatoes
3.  Broiled pork chops, Mac-n-cheese, green beans
4.  Softball night- eat at ball fields
5.  Chimichurri steak, salad, crusty baked bread
6. Brats, pasta salad, fresh veggies
8.  Quinoa burgers, roasted veggies
9.  White Chicken Chili, cornbread
10.  Breakfast for supper- sausage, pancakes, fruit
11.  Tilapia, salad, rice
12.  Grilled individual pizzas
15.  Roasted Veggies over noodles, sourdough baguette
16.  Bourbon Chicken over rice, broccoli
17. Grilled pork chops, potatoes, corn on the cob
18.  Tuna steaks, arugula salad, bread
19.  Beef with peppers over rice noodles
20.  State softball tournament- out of town
22.  Veggie burritos
23.  Turkey burgers, french fries
24.  Grilled pork sandwiches, mac-n-cheese, broccoli
25.  Fish sticks, carrot sticks, tator tots
26.  Ribeyes, corn on cob, loaded baked potatoes
27.  BLTs, potato salad
29.  Spaghetti & veggie meatballs, salad
30.  BBQ chicken, cheesy rice, corn
31.  Roast with veggies

I didn't link to recipes this time around.  Sorry- however if you want a specific recipe, just let me know in the comments or e-mail.  Have a wonderful & safe August!  Happy eating.  :)


  1. Hey pumpkin! Do you know what would be fabulous? If you could link some of the the very first one. :)

    xo - Bec

  2. For you, Becky, I will.( and did!) :) Enjoy!